Elisabetta Galeotti

Prof.ssa Elisabetta Galeotti

Università del Piemonte Orientale

Direttore del III ciclo (Larmore)

Scholarships and Fellowships:
Scholarship for student “Luigi Radici” at Collegio Ghislieri University of Pavia, 1971-75.
Fellowship for graduate student.
University of Pavia 1976-77.
Italian Research Council Fellowship for study abroad: 1981-82; 1982-83 at the
University of Cambridge.
“Jean Monnet” Fellowship. European University Institute,
Florence. 1984-1985
“Mellon Fellowship”, Institute for Advanced Study.
Princeton 1991-92.
European Forum Fellowship. European University Institute, April 1994.
Fellowship at the Centre for Philosophy and Public Affairs, Moral Philosophy Department, University of St.Andrews, Scotland, March-June 2002.
Senior Fellowship at
Harvard Center for Ethics, Sept.2005-June 2006

Positions and Awards:
Research assistant in Moral Philosophy.
University of Pavia 1975-77.
Researcher at Feltrinelli Foundation,
Milan 1978-81.
Editor of Quaderni della Fondazione Feltrinelli, 1979-81.
Visiting Scholar at SPS, Cambridge University, 1981-1983.
Affiliation at King’s College 1982-83.
Lecturer at Political Science Faculty.
University of Messina 1984-88.
Academic Visitor at Political Science Department.
European University, Winter 1984-85.
Visitor at the
School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study Princeton. 1985-86
Summer Visitor at IAS,
Princeton: July and August 1987

Tenure: 1988.
Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy.
University of Torino 1988-97.
“Visiting member” at the
School of Social Science. Institute for Advanced Study. Princeton 1991-92.
Summer Visitor at IAS,
Princeton: July and August 1993.
Senior lecturer in Political Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy. Università del Piemonte Orientale, 1993.

Full Professorship, 1999.
Visiting scholar at the Philosophy Dept. at Cambridge University, UK: July and August 1999; July and August 2000.
Visiting Scholar at the Centre of Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs of
St.Andrews University, Scotland, August 2002. Director of the Philosophy Program: Undergraduate and Master degree from 2000-2005.
Visiting Scholar at SPS. Dept. at
Cambridge University, UK: July and August 2002; August 2004.

Chair of Political Philosophy, Dept. of Studi Umanistici. Università del Piemonte Orientale. Vercelli. Italy. 2003
“Edna O’Brien Distinguished Visiting Professor”, at
Scripps College, CA, August-September 2003.
Professor at the Summer School of Comparative Politics, Ural State University, Ekaterinburg, Russia, August 28-Sept.4 2004.

Research Interests:
Areas: Political philosophy, Philosophy of the social science, Moral Philosophy and Psychology, Public Ethics.
Subjects: Marx and contemporary Marxism; Max Weber; The Austrian School of Economics: Menger and Hayek. Contemporary Anglo-American liberalism and political theory. Rawls. Conceptions of individuals; Individualism and holism; intentional Explanation. Toleration, recognition, multiculturalism; individual and collective rights. Moral psychology: self-deception and akrasia. Political psychology: Forms of political deception. Respect and its social and political implications.